Analyzing Data


Identify the use cases in your organization where Data Analytics and AI can play a significant role


2 weeks

Execute by


  • An interest in digitally transforming your organization

  • Access to samples of data and business requirements


Data quick scan report and a strategic recommendation report


1,500 USD

Why Data Quick Scan

You have little or no practical experience with data science.

You desire to implement a data science project.

You have data or plan to start collecting data but do not know how to use it or make value out of it.

You do not know what data is required.

You have doubt about where to start.

Our Data Quick Scan service can help you to define the most valuable challenge and provide a road map to achieve your goals!


Workflow Steps

Step 1


Step 2

Use Cases

Step 3

Report and Road Map

A series of interviews will be organized with the teams to identify the short-term and long-term goals and vision of the organization. We will also identify team capabilities and departments within the organization where problem owners and technical expertise can be strategically placed.

Combining both technical and business understanding of the challenges and goals, several use cases will be identified. These use case definitions will also consider the availability of data and infrastructure, and what are the requirements in terms of tools and resources to implement the use cases.

We will score and evaluate the use cases and recommend the optimum data-driven and data-informed course of action.

A Data Quick Scan report will include:

  • Feasible data science uses cases and their impact

  • Existing challenges and opportunities for using Data and Analytics within the organization

  • Overview of the available datasets

  • Recommendations to improve data collection

  • Roadmap and Timeline for 3 top impactful data science projects

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